ITV2 Love Island - Love, we own it! 
Working with Jelly & Kitchen to bring Leanne Rule's Characters to life.
My role was to composite the 3d and 2d elements together and also create the edit with dynamic transitions. 
I also chipped in a few animated shots and helped out on some extra 3d elements. 
It was a super fast turn around but keeping the edit as modular as possible meant I was able to create the versions ( a 60's , 30;s , 2x 20's 2x 5's )  in a flexible an most importantly easily changeable way.  

Production Company: Jelly
Directors KITCHEN / Leanne Rule
3d Characters Leanne Rule
2d style frames Rachinta Platts / Sam Burton 
Animators Jesse Collet / Jim Cascarina 
Compositor / Jim Cascarina

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